Do banks manage Reputational Risk? A case study of European Investment Bank

Submitted on 29th July 2015

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the definitions surrounding reputational risk and study the ways leading banks of European Union treat reputational risk management. Design and Methodology: The paper uses a sample of leading banks of European Union to study the disclosure of reputational risk using qualitative and quantitative content analysis. The paper then uses the case study approach to explore reputational risk management at the organisation level. Findings: The key finding of this paper is that disclosures of reputational risk is not standard in the industry. Banks use various ways to publish their reputational risk strategies. The disclosure about procedures of measurement and management have not been disclosed extensively. Originality/value: The paper offers insight of the author based on the data available for public and also the information provided by European Investment Bank, which has not been studied in the past for reputational risk management.

Machester Business School
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Niketa Mukherjee, Stefano Zambon, Hakan Lucius
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