Useful Resources

Please find below links to useful resources relating to sustainability and climate change. These are not exhaustive and will be updated on an ongoing basis:

Reading material




IFoA Sustainability Guides for Actuaries

The IFoA Sustainability Board have published a number of practical guides for life, general and pension actuaries to support those who are considering how to appropriately include sustainability matters into their work. The material is written from a UK context; however, a lot of the information is relevant for actuaries working in Ireland and other jurisdictions as well.

IFoA Climate Change Curated Library

A comprehensive reading list guide from the IFoA which aims to support actuaries in their self-directed learning in an area in which they may have modest prior knowledge and insights.

SAI ERM Library

The SAI ERM Library is a collection of articles, papers and books related to Enterprise Risk Management. The 'Keyword Search' functionality can be used to find articles on sustainability and climate change risks.

EIOPA Sustainability Finance Publications

A list of papers, consultations and guidance published by EIOPA in respect to sustainability and climate change.

Climate Ireland

Climate Ireland provides information, advice and support to help Ireland adapt to its changing climate. The website contains a wealth of general information on climate change and climate adaption from an Irish point of view.

Newsletters & podcasts




IFoA Sustainable Finance Community Newsletter

A weekly newsletter run by the IFoA Resource and Environment Board. Every week, environment and sustainability interested actuaries provide an update containing related news, reports and webinars from across the world. This newsletter is suitable for anyone with an interest in climate change and sustainability and how these issues interact with finance and business.

Sustainable Finance Ireland Newsletter

A monthly newsletter providing a snapshot of the sustainable finance agenda, analysis of policy and regulatory initiatives, market trends, and the ongoing activities of Sustainable Finance Ireland.

IFoA Sustainable Development Goals Podcast

A series of IFoA podcasts in which actuaries explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role that actuaries can play in achieving the 2030 agenda.

Where this information includes links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for general information only. The Society assumes no responsibility for the contents of such third party offerings.


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