Institute and Faculty of Actuaries publishes Longevity Bulletin

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Longevity Bulletin aims to provide a regular overview of research into longevity trends and a guide to prospects for long life.  It presents and explains actuarial perspectives on population longevity and looks beyond the actuarial world for statistics, research and the latest thinking on related subjects.   Longevity Bulletin is published every six months.  Issue 03 is now available.

In the latest issue:
One of the key messages in Issue 03 is that whilst life expectancy and health equality are both fundamental measures of human progress, longer average lifespans may mean greater lifespan variation at older ages. 

About the author:
Alison O'Connell is a researcher in longevity and its policy implications at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. She started her career as a life reinsurance actuary, became a strategy consultant in the financial services industry, and then spent five years as the first Director of the Pensions Policy Institute. Her research interests include subjective longevity expectations and their impact on retirement planning, how mortality forecasts and longevity trends are applied in policy and international pension policy reforms. Alison has an MSc in gerontology and is working on a PhD about longevity risk. She is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

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