Webinar: Do Debt Piles Matter?

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Governments have accumulated large debts during the pandemic, in some cases adding to what were previously thought to be unsustainable levels.  Yet bond markets seem unperturbed. Do debt piles matter anymore?


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David Warren, B.Comm, M.Econ.Sc., ASIP. - Chief Investment Officer, Ireland
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David is Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Zurich Life Assurance plc and has held that position since late 2009. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce undergraduate degree in University College Dublin (UCD) in 1988 and obtained a Masters in Economic Science from UCD in 1989.   David joined Zurich Life in 1993 from Irish Life Investment Managers and has been a senior member of the Zurich Life asset management team in Ireland for over 27 years and has been part of the senior executive management team of Zurich Life since becoming CIO.  Zurich's asset management team in Ireland has direct responsibility for managing over €17.5 billion of policyholder and Zurich Group assets across a wide range of fund types and asset classes, including derivative overlays and currency management.   David is a member of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute and a Director of the Irish Association of Investment Managers.

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