Solvency II 2020 Review - Impact Assessment

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EIOPA will undertake an Impact Assessment (IA) in relation to their advice on the Solvency II 2020 review during the month of March 2020. The CBI will invite a representative sample of insurance entities in Ireland to participate in this IA with the objective of achieving at least 50% coverage of the combined life and non-life market. 

Details of this IA will be known by the end of February. Companies will be required to recalculate their Solvency II position under the proposed changes. This will involve recalculating the TPs, SCR and Own Funds on a standard formula basis and reporting these, probably in bespoke EIOPA templates.   

The presentation will outline the background to the IA and what the CBI expects from those participating, and will provide an opportunity to discuss any issues on the IA with the CBI.

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Christopher Joyce, Central Bank of Ireland
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Christopher is a senior policy specialist in the CBI, with a focus on European and International developments. Christopher is currently coordinating the CBI response to the 2020 review, and is a member of two EIOPA project groups focussing on the long term guarantee package and the SCR. Prior to joining the CBI in 2017, Christopher worked in a range of actuarial roles in industry both in Ireland and the UK, including Solvency II implementation and reporting.

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