What questions might pension funds, insurance companies & investment advisors reasonably ask in an investment due diligence process?

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Whether through legislation, regulation or common law, insurance companies, pension fund trustees, and investment advisors must carefully scrutinise the investments they make or recommend to their clients.

Careful selection and oversight of investment managers requires a rigorous assessment of investment strategy, risk management, the extent to which leverage is employed, fees, internal controls, governance, operational infrastructure, trade execution, service providers, valuation policy, related party transactions, key-person risk, and succession planning.

Due diligence reduces the probability of “negative surprises” especially in relation to market, credit, and liquidity risks in a crisis.The paper sets out the issues an investment due diligence team might reasonably examine: (i) prior to making an investment; (ii) on an on-going basis once an investment has been made; and (iii) to decide if it is time to dispose of an investment.

John Caslin and Richard Gallagher
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