Finance & Investment Forum: What Lies Ahead? – Emerging Themes and Opportunities

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CPD Event

3.30pm:  tea/coffee
4.00pm - 6.00pm:  meeting

Chartered Accountants House, Pearse Street

In a year that has seen more than its fair share of twists and turns, it makes sense to ask what lies ahead for the economy. With three sessions covering the economic outlook and potential repercussions of Brexit, reversion to a new “norm” for yields and investing for a greener future, this event will provide cutting-edge views from leading industry experts on the key themes and opportunities that are likely to shape financial markets going forward.

This is open both to those who work in financial markets and others who are impacted by these markets (i.e. all members). The event is also open to interested non-members.


Institute of Bankers Accreditation reference number:

2016-2670  (LIA-0-13063)




Topics covered:

  • Economic Outlook and Brexit:  Professor Alan Barrett, ESRI
  • Ultimate Forward Rate:  Stuart Redmond, Deloitte
  • Investing in Renewable Assets:  Teresa O'Flynn, BlackRock


Prof Alan Barrett, Stuart Redmond FSAI, Teresa O'Flynn
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LIA Accreditation: This event has been accredited by the LIA.

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