Predicting health through the analysis of food-related data

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6pm - tea/coffee
6.30pm - meeting

Chartered Accountants House, Pearse Street

New, high-performance technologies have enhanced our capabilities to collect, store and analyse bigger and bigger quantities of data; and new techniques in data analytics have been developed in parallel. Nutrition and food safety can immensely benefit from the developments. Despite the evidence that diet and health are very closely related, the exact mechanisms through which diet affect people’s health have remained quite obscure to date due to the lack of long-term data on the almost infinite combinations of foods and diet-related diseases.

This presentation will provide a broad, high-level overview of the different sources of food consumption data that can be exploited and the models created so far to gain more insights in the food safety and nutrition areas.

Several ideas on how insurance companies can benefit from these insights will also be presented.

Giulia Vilone
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Giulia Vilone is an IFOA student employed as senior data analyst in Creme Global Ltd, a data science company based in Dublin specialising in predictive modelling and software for assessing consumer health.

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