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A Review of Retirement Income choices available from Irish DC pensions

Earlier this year, a Working Party was set up to consider ARFs, AMRFs and annuities in more detail. The scope of the work was to review and draft a discussion paper setting out recommendations on:


  • The imputed distribution system.

    Explore the required minimum distribution levels applying to retirement drawdown funds in other jurisdictions, e.g. Australia and US, and make recommendations/on the existing imputed distribution system. 
  • Associated ARF investment strategies.
  • The AMRF and associated specified income test.

    Explore the relevance/appropriateness of the AMRF. In particular, consider whether there a better way of balancing potentially conflicting current and future retirement income needs?
  • Annuities
  • Simplification of retirement options and process.

The Working Party has now concluded its work and has produced a paper entitled “A Review of Retirement Income choices available from Irish approved Defined Contribution pension arrangements in 2015.

Representatives of the Working Party will discuss the work and the recommendations set out in the paper.


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Alan Hardie FSAI, Shane O’Farrell FSAI, Tony Gilhawley FSAI.
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