Who is the driver? - Applying data analytics to actuarial and insurance challenges

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Chartered Accountants House, Pearse Street

Data analytics is an important developing field which has significant applicability to actuaries and actuarial techniques, in all of our traditional areas of practice as well as potentially in wider industries.  The Wider Fields Committee of the SAI has now organised an event involving an experienced data analytics practitioner, Gabor Stikkel.  Gabor will put the practice of data analytics in the context of tackling a particular issue in non-life insurance, the identification of false drivers in pay as you go car insurance.

Gabor will also cover how a data analytics community (Kaggle.com) helps companies to find optimal solutions to complex data-driven problems through the hosting of on line competitions.  He will talk about his experience of such exercises.

At the end of the presentation, SAI members interested in data analytics will be invited to participate in an entry level competition which is currently underway on Kaggle.com.  The aim of the competition is to predict the types of people likely to survive the Titanic disaster.  This is an ideal starting place for members who would like to acquire more experience in data science and machine learning. The data is highly structured, and tutorials, materials and forums will help your development in this area.

To access podcast please contact the Society: info@actuaries.ie 

Gabor Stikkel
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Gabor Stikkel is a senior researcher and a member of the Machine Learning Group of Ericsson Research in Stockholm (Sweden). He graduated as an applied mathematician from Loránd Eötvös University in Hungary. After finishing the doctoral school in the domain of quantitative software engineering he joined Ericsson and led a number of software projects of different size in Hungary and Sweden. His passion about data-driven decisions and applied maths brought him back to big data analytics research. He participated in several data analytics related customer projects in the domain of customer experience assurance, smart metering and intelligent transport systems.

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