Risk Measurement

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ERM Resource 07/09/2017 Developing a Robust Risk Appetite Statement capital management, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), No specific risk, Risk Appetite, risk appetite statement, Risk Capacity and Risk Objectives, Risk Measurement
ERM Resource 07/09/2017 Investigating the development of enterprise risk management in the insurance industry: An empirical study of four major European insurers. Enterprise Risk Management, ERM and Risk Management Framework, interdisciplinary approach, No specific risk, risk communication, Risk Measurement, shareholders, stakeholders
ERM Resource 07/09/2017 Actuarial Aspects of ERM for Insurance Companies ERM, ERM Guidance, No specific risk, Risk Measurement, Risk Strategy
ERM Resource 07/09/2017 Risk Accounting: The Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (BCBS 239) Foundation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Governance Basel II, Basel III, BCBS 239, Enterprise risk, ERM and Risk Management Framework, Governance, No specific risk, operational risk, Risk accounting, Risk appetite, Risk Culture, Risk Data Aggregation, risk management, Risk Measurement, Risk Reporting and Communication
ERM Resource 07/09/2017 Extreme Events for Insurers: Correlation, Models and Mitigations Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Extreme events, No specific risk, Risk Identification and Classification, Risk Measurement
ERM Resource 04/08/2015 Risk Identification and Measurement Framework continual self assessment, No specific risk, Risk Identification, Risk Identification and Classification, Risk Measurement, Risk Probability, size of loss
ERM Resource 22/07/2015 Enterprise Risk Management Program Quality: Determinants, Value Relevance, and the Financial Crisis Benefits of ERM, Compliance and Corporate Governance, Credit and Counterparty Risk, firm performance and value, risk management, Risk Measurement
ERM Resource 25/06/2015 ERM and the Insurance Industry: Investigating the Source of Value Benefits of ERM, Decision Making, Economic Capital, No specific risk, Organization of Risk Management, Risk Management Objectives, Risk Measurement, Risk Reporting, Strategy