CP2 Tutorials & CP3 Tutorials

The Society welcomes the running of the tutorials outlined below.  Though the Society is not directly involved in developing or reviewing the content of the tutorials, we believe that they will usefully extend the education opportunities available to our Student members.

CP2 Tutorials

CP2 tutorials for the 2020 April exams will take place in Dublin in February 2020. The aim of the tutorials is to provide effective assistance to actuarial students who are studying to pass subject CP2 – the modelling practice examination of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries.

There was an 83% pass rate amongst the students who sat CP2 after attended the tutorials for the September 2019 CP2 examination compared to an overall 61% pass rate.


There will be a full-day tutorial covering the theory behind CP2 on Saturday the 1st February. This will be followed by a series of assignments and a full-day practical tutorial on Saturday the 8th February. There will be a mock CP2 exam in April. The tutorials also involve a number of individual feedback sessions and a general feedback and review tutorial closer to the CP2 exam.

Format aim: to prepare students to sit CP2 in April 2020.

Course Outline

  • Introduction - why is CP2 important
  • The principles of CP2
  • Theory
    • Data
    • Modelling
    • Audit trails
    • Summaries
  • Excel skills - exercises
  • Audit trail - exercises
  • Summary – exercises
  • Drafting skills (new)
  • Review
  • Marked assignment - plus individual and group feedback
  • Marked mock exams - plus individual and group feedback


Colm Fitzgerald

Colm Fitzgerald is an Assistant Professor in Actuarial Science in UCD and is a Fellow of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) and the Society of Actuaries in Ireland. Colm has been involved in CP2/CA2 since the subject commenced and has experience as an IFoA staff actuary, lead assessor, moderator and lead examiner. He was the lead assessor (tutor) when there was the first 100% pass rate in a CA2 exam. He is involved in several different aspects of the IFoA educational system across a number of subjects. He is a member of the IFoA Board of Examiners and IFoA representative on the AAE Education Committee. Recently he was the author of the new IFoA subject SA7. Before working in education, Colm worked in investment, trading, life insurance and risk management.

How do I book?

If you would like to reserve a place or have any other questions, please email the tutor at CA2Tutorials@gmail.com

Cost: €800 per person. Limited to a maximum of 12 people and subject to a minimum take-up of 5 participants.

Closing date for applications is, 27th January 2020


CP3 (Communications Practice) Tutorials

CP3 tutorials run by an experienced tutor will take place in Dublin in March 2020. The aim of the tutorials is to provide effective assistance to actuarial students who are studying for subject CP3 (Communications Practice) – the communications examination of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries.

Cost: €850 per person.

Tutor: Des O’Sullivan

Des O’Sullivan lectured on the Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Applications programme at DCU, where he re-wrote the syllabus in 2009 and continued to develop the teaching programme in line with CA3 developments, and has lectured on the UCD Actuarial & Final Studies undergraduate programme. Des has an extensive background in the financial services industry, ranging from pension scheme documentation and trusteeship, to corporate advice, investment policy, product design and specialist client advice. He is a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Pension Management, a Revenue approved Pensioner Trustee, and a Pensions Authority registered Trustee Trainer. Des has delivered talks at a number of Society of Actuaries’ events and has advised the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries on CA3 teaching and examining issues, and provided tutorials to students sitting CA3 online up to 2017.


Format (CP3)

Two full-day tutorials running on the 21st March and 28th March 2020, with written assignments, individual feedback and general feedback, followed by additional individual and general feedback, and a review of progress prior to sitting CP3.


Format aim: to prepare students to sit CP3 in April 2020.


Course Outline

  • Initial assessment of student work
  • Overview of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries' expectations for CP3
  • Defining ‘Communication’
  • Writing/business writing/ technical writing
  • The basic requirements of CP3
  • Dealing with Scenario Material
  • Dealing with different types of questions
  • Writing conventions
  • Approaching the reflective CP3 question (Question 2)
  • Use of charts, tables and visual aids
  • Information filtering
  • Terminology and jargon
  • Exam technique
  • How to deal with nerves, habits, under-confidence
  • Assessment of student progress  

How do I book?

Your place can be reserved by emailing Des O’Sullivan at cp3tutorials@gmail.com.

Closing date for applications

19th March 2020.


Students whose schedules do not fit the above dates and who wish to avail of CP3 tutorials should contact Des at cp3tutorials@gmail.com.

Individual tutorials, CP3 coaching and prep sessions are also available.

Students in the Munster region requiring tutorials/coaching can contact Des at cp3tutorials@gmail.com.  

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