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ActEd will run a tutorial in a specified location if they receive sufficient demand from students, therefore we would like to remind SAI Students that if they would like to attend an extra tutorial in Dublin or one that is not on the scheduled list from ActEd to please submit a request for a tutorial on the ActEd e-store at  You can do so by clicking on "Tutorials" and then "Request a Tutorial (non-scheduled)".  You can state your chosen subject, course type and your preferred location. You may also submit your request by fax using the Tutorial Application Form.

It is recommended that you still apply for an advertised course in case ActEd are unable to run an extra tutorial in the location you requested.

Alternatively, you may book onto one of the advertised courses and also specify a preferred location. When using the e-store at, select your first, second and third choice courses before clicking on "Add to Basket and request a non-scheduled tutorial" to state your location preference. If you do this, ActEd will automatically switch your application if they are able to run a course in your preferred location. If applying by fax, tick the appropriate box(es) on the application form.

Please make sure your colleagues sitting the same exams also follow the procedures above to increase the likelihood of these tutorials running in Dublin.  It is stressed that although there is demand for requesting the extra tutorials, ActEd do not always have the resources to run the extra tutorials so everyone is encouraged to apply for an advertised tutorial course as well.



The ActEd discussion forum is a useful resource operated and maintained by ActEd that allows students to discuss various aspects of study/exams with fellow students.

It is also used by ActEd tutors who sometimes contribute to discussions and provide clarity in topics where students may be having difficulty.

The following link takes you directly to the ActEd discussion forum: