Risk management and firm value: recent theory and evidence

Submitted on 7th September 2017

This paper aims to provide an update to the risk management literature, as it compiles a survey of 65 recent theoretical and empirical studies on the topic. his is a survey paper that summarizes recent theoretical and empirical research regarding the relationship between risk management and firm value. Recent empirical evidence provides support for theoretical propositions in the literature that risk management increases firm value and returns, while reducing return and cash flow volatility. The results are largely consistent with early findings, and there have been significant empirical advances that address concerns regarding the endogeneity of risk management practices relative to corporate financial decisions. The literature has become broader and deeper, as there are now studies with larger sample sizes across more industries and geographic areas.

International Journal of Accounting and Information Management
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26 pages
Timothy A. Krause and Yiuman Tse
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