Future Trends in Morbidity and Mortality in Europe

In the following report projections on the future trends in disability for different countries are introduced. Information on future trends is given by either projected numbers of the disabled populations or by estimated life expectancy in health or disability. Since scarce literature exists on projections of future trends in disability in Europe the work is not only restricted to trends in Europe but also includes information for other developed countries. The second part of the report concentrates on future trends in mortality. Since it is possible to determine future mortality from different perspectives different opinions how mortality will further decline and life expectancy will increase exist. There are scientists who claim that there is a fixed limit to life expectancy. On the other side scientist insist that there is no limit in sight and life expectancy will increase at the same pace as before. These different sides are introduced in the second part.

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Elena Muth and Gabriele Doblhammer
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