Establishing an appropriate risk culture

The role of the head of enterprise risk management (ERM) is no longer simply to run a risk management program--it is to create the right risk culture across the organization. In fact, according to Moody's, "Enhancing risk culture is one of the most credit-positive actions management can take, but is also one of the hardest things to implement and to observe." With all this focus on enhancing risk culture, why does it continue to be such a challenge? The problem is that, when most ERM teams think about "enhancing risk culture," they focus on increasing risk awareness as a means to reduce overall enterprise exposure. This doesn't get to the heart of the problem, however. These organizations are overlooking the idea that increasing awareness of risks--especially the downside--is likely to make employees more risk averse, which may not be the most appropriate risk posture. What organizations should do is get everyone to think like a risk manager. Progressive ERM teams think about risk culture differently. They endeavour to drive a culture of appropriate risk-taking.

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Risk Management
Matthew Shinkman, Daniel Herd
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