Enterprise Risk Management In Private Firms: Does Ownership Structure Matter?

In this paper we discussed the implementation of ERM in private corporations considering the ownership structure of the firm (i.e., ownership dispersion and type of ownership), investigated through the lens of agency theory.Private firms adopt Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices voluntarily. Using results of a survey that involved 78 respondents, we investigate the adoption of ERM practices in Italian private corporations and question whether ERM adoption is affected by the ownership structure of the firm. We find that agency conflicts between controlling and minority shareholders, which arise when ownership dispersion decreases, affect ERM adoption, and that when proprietorship is more dispersed, the firm places more focus on ERM projects. Additionally, we document the different roles of different types of owners.

Journal of Applied Business Research
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16 pages
Elisabetta Mafrolla, Felice Matozza, Eugenio D’Amico
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ResourceID: 142257

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