Analysis On The Risk Of Ebola

Submitted on 7th September 2017

This is an analysis on an evaluation of the mortality and morbidity risk of Ebola to life and health insurance companies1. The actuarial profession has played an active role in developing models and advising on the impact of epidemics on mortality and morbidity risks, particularly in the context of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and beyond. Whilst this does not go into the same level of detail or sophistication, the aim of this high-level analysis is to assist actuaries working for or consulting with life or health insurance companies on evaluating the risk of an Ebola epidemic to their companies or clients. It is for information purposes only: the principles set out here are meant to be general and high level, and should not be regarded as actuarial advice. Every actuary should determine whether these principles are applicable to their specific circumstances.

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