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Title Sort descending Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management Bart Jutte Article Commercial
130 Project Risks (List) Anna Mar Article Academic
2011 Research - Short-Term Project Report: A Report of the CAS Underwriting Risk Working Party CAS Underwriting Risk Working Party Paper Academic
2013 RIMS Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Survey RIMS (the Risk Management Society) and Advisen Ltd, sponsored by Zurich Article Commercial
2013 Risk and finance manager survey: Full report Towers Watson Article Commercial
A Board Perspective on Enterprise Risk Management André Brodeur, Kevin Buehler, Michael Patsalos-Fox, Martin Pergler Paper Commercial
A classified bibliography of recent research relating to project risk management Terry Williams Article Academic
A common risk classification system for the Actuarial Profession - A Discussion Paper P.O.J. Kelliher, D. Wilmot, J.Vij, P.J.M. Klumpes Paper Academic
A Comparative Analysis of U.S., Canadian and Solvency II Capital Adequacy Requirements in Life Insurance Ishmael Sharara, Mary Hardy, and David Saunders of the University of Waterloo Paper Academic
A Comparative Assessment of Basel II/III and Solvency II Nadine Gatzerta and Hannah Weske Paper Academic
A Critical Analysis of the Solvency II Proposals René Doff Paper Academic
A dynamic contagion process for modelling contagion risk in finance and insurance Hongbiao Zhao Paper Academic
A Framework for Risk Management of Extreme Events: Evidence from Firms Howard Kunreuther Paper Academic
A global framework for insurer solvency assessment IAA Paper Academic
A Methodological Approach for Pricing Flood Insurance and Evaluating Loss Reduction Measures: Application to Texas Jeffrey Czajkowski
Howard Kunreuther
Erwann Michel-Kerjan
Paper Academic
A New Approach for Managing Operational Risk: Addressing the Issues Underlying the 2008 Global Financial Crisis Ali Samad Paper Academic
A partial internal model for longevity risk Sren Fiig Jarner and Thomas Mller Paper Academic
A practical guide to risk assessment PWC Paper Commercial
A practical guide to risk assessment: How principles-based risk assessment enables organisations to take the right risks PricewaterhouseCoopers
Joe Atkinson
Catherine Jourdan
Paper Commercial
A Practical Way to Estimate One-year Reserve Risk Ira Robbin, PhD Paper Academic
A review of corporate governance in UK banks and other financial industry entities (The Walker Review) David Walker Paper Academic
A Review of Historical Insurance Company ImpairmentsReport 4 of the CAS Risk Based Capital (RBC) Research Working Parties Issued by the RBC Dependencies and Calibration Working Party (DCWP) (1996 - 2010) RBC Dependencies and Calibration Working Party (DCWP) Paper Academic
A Risk Intelligent view of reputation: An outside-in perspective Deloitte Paper Commercial
A Risk Management Standard Institute of Risk Management Article Academic
A structured approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000 Institute of Risk Management Article Academic
A Study of International Solvency Regimes Ishmael Sharara, Mary Hardy, and David Saunders of the University of Waterloo Paper Academic
A Theory of Risk Capital Isil Erel, Stewart C. Myers, and James A. Read, Jr. Paper Academic
Achieving near-real-time risk monitoring. Risk appetite revisited Towers Watson Paper Commercial
Actuarial Viewpoints on and Roles in Systemic Risk Regulation in Insurance Markets International Actuarial Association / Association Actuarielle Internationale Paper Academic
Actuaries Institute Australia website Actuaries Institute Australia Article Academic