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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
A Guide to Cyber Risk Allianz Article Commercial
'Brexit' leaps to top of enterprise risk management concerns Sarah Veysey Article Commercial
The Road to Improving Risk Culture Peter Hughes, Allan Grody Article Commercial
Catastrophe Modelling and Climate Change Trevor Maynard, Nick Beecroft, Sandra Gonzalez, Lauren Restell Paper Commercial
Towards a Contingency Theory of Enterprise Risk Management Anette MikesRobert S. Kaplan Paper Academic
Heavy Models, Light models and Proxy Models Institute and Faculty of ActuariesThe Proxy Model Working Party: Christopher Hursey*, Matthew Cocke, Cassandra Hannibal, Parit Jakhria, Iain MacIntyre and Matthew Modisett Paper Academic
Capital management in a Solvency II world Milliman: Sinead Clarke, Scott Mitchell, Eamonn Phelan Paper Commercial
The Journey from Model Validation to Model Risk Management Philip Whittingham, Marc Taymans, Roel Van den Heuvel, Robert Mumford, Alistair Esson, Andrew Hitchcox, Bianca Hanscombe, David Innes, Elizabeth Cabrera, Michael Hosking, Peter Telford, Roger Dix Paper Academic
Governance, Risk and Compliance: 4 Key Drivers Brenda Boultwood Article Commercial
Determinants of the Rigour of Enterprise Risk Management Strategies: Evidence from Australia Michael Seamer, Bo Bae Choi and Doowon Lee Paper Academic
The ethics of enterprise risk management as a key component of corporate governance Elena Demidenko and Patrick McNutt Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: An empirical analysis of factors associated with the extent of implementation Mark S. Beasley, Richard Clune, Dana R. Hermanson Paper Academic
An empirical analysis of the relation between the board of director composition and financial statement fraud. Mark S. Beasley Paper Academic
Legal Intermediaries: How Insurance Companies Construct the Meaning of Compliance with Antidiscrimination Laws Shauhin Talesh Paper Academic
An Empirical Investigation of the Characteristics of Firms Adopting Enterprise Risk Management Donald Pagach, Richard Warr Paper Academic
Risk Appetite Frameworks: Insights into Evolving Global Practices Michael Alix, Shyam Venkat, Zubin Mogul, Som-lok Leung, Marcia A. Banks, Juliane Saary-Littman Paper Commercial
Systems Thinking and its Implications in Enterprise Risk Management Lorraine S. Lee, Edmund Green Paper Academic
Essays on insider trading and enterprise risk management Chen, Pei-Han Paper Academic
Effective Documentation in Model Risk Management Bob Crompton Article Commercial
Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project, 3rd Edition Tom Kendrick Book Commercial
Integration of Risk Management into Strategic Planning: A New Comprehensive Approach Isabela Ribeiro Damaso Maia, George Montgomery Machado Chaves Paper Academic
The Influence of Board of Directors’ Risk Oversight on Risk Management Maturity and Firm Risk-Taking Christopher D. Ittner, Thomas Keusch Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management in the Middle East oil industry: An empirical investigation across GCC countries K. Muralidhar Paper Academic
A GRC Blueprint for Strong Risk Management Ryan Rodriguez-Wiggins Article Commercial
Emerging governance practices in enterprise risk management Matteo Tonello Paper Academic
Corporate governance, firm characteristics and risk management committee formation in Australian companies. Nava Subramaniam, Lisa McManus, Jiani Zhang Paper Academic
The Role of U.S. Corporate Boards in Enterprise Risk Management Carolyn Brancato, Matteo Tonello, Ellen Hexter, Katharine Rose Newman Paper Academic
Risk management, corporate governance, and bank performance in the financial crisis Vincent Aebi, Gabriele Sabato, Markus Schmid Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management and Default Risk: Evidence from the Banking Industry Sara Lundqvist, Anders Wilhelmsson Paper Academic
Sustainability Risk Management (SRM): An Extension of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Concept Nazliatul Aniza Abdul Aziz, Norlida Abdul Manab, Siti Norezam Othman Paper Academic