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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Extreme Events for Insurers: Correlation, Models and Mitigations Tom Edwalds Paper Academic
The Increasing Importance of Operational Risk in Enterprise Risk Management Russell Walker Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: A systems-thinking framework for the event identification phase Ed O'Donnell Paper Academic
Successful Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management in State Transportation Agencies Dr. David Rose, Dr. Keith R. Molenaar, Dr. Amy Javernick-Will, Dr. Matthew Hallowell, Christopher Senesi , Tim McGuire Paper Commercial
Cybersecurity & Cyber-Finance Risk Management: Strategies, Tactics, Operations, &, Intelligence: Enterprise Risk Management to Model Risk Management: Understanding Vulnerabilities, Threats, & Risk Mitigation (Presentation Slides) Yogesh Malhotra Slides Academic
Decision making in enterprise risk management: A review and introduction to special issue Desheng Wu, David L. Olson, Alexandre Dolgui Paper Academic
An ERM Maturity Model Barbara Monda and Marco Giorgino Paper Academic
ERM at the Speed of Thought: Mitigation of Cognitive Bias in Risk Assessment Damon Levine Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: a DEA VaR approach in vendor selection Desheng Dash Wu & David Olso Article Commercial
Methods and models in process safety and risk management: Past, present and future Faisal Khan, Samith Rathnayaka, Salim Ahmed Paper Academic
A simpler way to assess risks? Bonnie Hancock Article Academic
Risk Aggregation for Capital Requirements Using the Copula Technique Song Zhang Article Commercial
Start-up managers need to consider vendor management Daniel Page Article Commercial
Total Exposure Management: Enterprise Risk Management, Organizational Resilience and Change Management Andrew D. Banasiewicz Paper Academic
A fuzzy synthetic evaluation approach for risk assessment: a case of Singapore's green projects Xianbo Zhaoa, Bon-Gang Hwangb, Yan Gaoc Paper Academic
A Primer on Managing Operational Risk for Insurance Companies Kay K Rahardjo Paper Academic
An enterprise risk management knowledge-based decision support system for construction firms Xianbo Zhao , Bon-Gang Hwang , Sui Pheng Low Paper Academic
The Fabric of ERM Alice Underwood and David Ingram Paper Academic
Is enterprise risk management real? Marika Arena, Michela Arnaboldi and Giovanni Azzone Paper Academic
The dispositif of risk management: Reconstructing risk management after the financial crisis Christian Huber, Tobias Scheytt Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management Analysis- Case Study Of A Petrochemical Company In Qatar Murtaja, Omar and Al Wattar, Abdul Aziz Paper Academic
The Model of Automated Risk Trigger Status Change Detection Embedded Into Enterprise Wide Alert System Dinko Bačun Paper Commercial
Relationship between earnings management and corporate strategies: social responsibility and enterprise risk management Parrondo Tort, Luz Paper Academic
Political risk reinsurance pricing - a methodology proposal Eric Dal Moro, Géraud Hubinois Paper Academic
Derivatives, AIG and the Future of Enterprise Risk Management Michael G. Wacek Paper Academic
The Democratization of Risk Management Michael C. Schmitz, Susan J. Forray Paper Academic
Reaffirming Your Company’s Commitment to ERM in Light of the Financial Crisis Prakash Shimpi Paper Academic
Insurance Criteria: Nonlife Insurance Risk Control Criteria And Their Role In Enterprise Risk Management Christopher Myers, David Ingram Article Commercial
Economic Scenario Generators and Solvency II Elliot Varnell Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: does it add value and could it add more value? Chris O'Brien (Nottingham University Business School) Slides Academic