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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Components and Challenges of Integrated Cyber Risk Management Thomas Kosub Paper Academic
Adaptive Risk Management: Powered by Network Science Alan Laubsch Paper Academic
Insurers, Model Risk Management Deserves Your Nod Dom Lebel, Sebastian Cimon Gagnon Article Commercial
Scenario Analysis in the Measurement of Operational Risk Capital: A Change of Measure Approach Kabir K. Dutta, David F. Babbel Article Academic
Model uncertainty in risk capital measurement Valeria Bignozzi, Andreas Tsanakas Paper Academic
Value-at-risk capital requirement regulation, risk taking and asset allocation: a mean–variance analysis Guy Kaplanski, Haim Levy Article Academic
A theoretical framework on the level of risk management implementation in the Nigerian banking sector: The moderating effect of top management support Ishaya John Dabari, Siti Zabedah Saidin Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management practices among Malaysian firms Sara Soltanizadeh, Siti Zaleha Abdul Rasid, Nargess Golshan, Farzana Quoquab, Rohaida Basiruddin Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Implementation: Some Empirical Evidence from Large Australian Companies Saudah Ahmad, Chew Ng, Lisa Ann McManus Paper Academic
Study on Assess of Enterprise Risk Management in China Based on Entropy Weight/TOPSIS Method Li Nan Paper Academic
Collaborative Risk Management Framework With Modifiable Risk Register Structure Dinko Bačun Paper Academic
The evolution of model risk management PWC Article Commercial
Risk management in the Alaska Arctic offshore: wicked problems require new paradigms Mandy Kampf and Sharman Haley Paper Academic
Integrating Balanced Scorecard and Enterprise Risk Management in Banking Irwan Lubis Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management at higher education institutions: How management concepts support its implementation Deck, Steven Christopher Paper Academic
Effects of Firm Size on Enterprise Risk Management of Listed Firms in Kenya Christopher Kibet Yegon, Jeoffrey Gekara Mouni, Kenneth Wanjau Paper Academic
S&P’s ERM Framework Sridhar Manyem Slides Commercial
Assessing the appropriateness of the Solvency 2 standard formula Sinead Clarke, Andrew Kay Article Commercial
Enterprise Risk Management In Private Firms: Does Ownership Structure Matter? Elisabetta Mafrolla, Felice Matozza, Eugenio D’Amico Paper Academic
Supporting strategic success through enterprise-wide reputation risk management Nadine Gatzert, Joan Schmit Paper Academic
Optimal Enterprise Risk Management and Decision Making With Shared and Dependent Risks Jing Ai, Patrick L. Brockett, Tianyang Wang Paper Academic
Company characteristics and enterprise risk management disclosure: Empirical study on Indonesia listed companies Mohammad Adam, Mukhtaruddin, Hasni Yusrianti and Sulistiani Paper Academic
Capital allocation and risk appetite under Solvency II framework Ivan Granito, Paolo De Angelis Paper Academic
The impact of risk culture on underwriting risk of life insurance companies in Ghana Agnes Asare Paper Academic
Bank CEO Materialism, Corporate Culture and Risk Robert M. Bushman, Robert H. Davidson, Aiyesha Dey, Abbie J. Smith Paper Academic
Antecedents in Developing a Risk Culture in Public Listed Companies (PLCs): Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Khairunnisa Yussof, Yon Bahiah Wan Aris, Nur Aina Abd Jalil Paper Academic
Taking notice of risk culture – the regulator’s approach Patrick John Ring, Cormac Bryce, Ricky McKinney, Rob Webb Paper Academic
A need for a challenge culture in enterprise risk management Thomas L. Barton, John B. MacArthur Paper Academic
Establish a risk challenge culture: all organizations must thoroughly examine their current operating environment and question how and how well they are prepared to face any kind of potential threat or disaster Paul L. Walker, William G. Shenkir, Thomas L. Barton Article Academic
The Next Frontier for Boards: Oversight of Risk Culture Parveen P. Gupta, Tim Leach Article Academic