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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
CTC guide to Enterprise Risk Management Beyond Theory: Practitioner Perspectives on ERM PWC-Nilly Essaides Article Commercial
Enterprise Risk Management and Performance of Nigeria’s Brewery Industry Ugwuanyi Uche Boniface and Imo .G. Ibe Paper Commercial
Enterprise Risk Management Measurement Method JUTHAMON SITHIPOLVANICHGUL Paper Academic
The Effect Of Enterprise Risk Management Adoption To Shareholders Wealth And Firm's Riskiness Norlida Abdul Manaba, Zahiruddin Ghazali Paper Commercial
Does enterprise risk management influence market value – A long-term perspective Danijela Miloš Sprčić, Marina Mešin Žagar, Željko Šević, Mojca Marc Article Academic
Enterprise Risk Management Adoption in Malaysia: A Disclosure Approach Salinah Hj Togok, Che Ruhana Isa and Suria Zainuddin Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management and value creation: initial findings amongst non-financial public listed companies in Malaysian Bourse Zahiruddin Ghazali, Norlida Abdul Manab Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management: A Consultative Perspective Edgar W. Davenport, L. Michelle Bradley Paper Academic
The Relationship between Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Firm Value: Evidence from Malaysian Izah Mohd Tahir, Ahmad Rizal Razali Paper Academic
An Examination of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Practices among the Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) in Malaysia Yazid, Ahmad Shukri; Hussin, Mohd Rasid; Daud, Wan Norhayate Wan Paper Academic
Creating Value through Integrated ERM for Healthcare Insurers in Europe George C. Orros, Jane Howell Paper Academic
Determinants and Value of Enterprise Risk Management: Empirical Evidence from Germany Philipp Lechner, Nadine Gatzert Paper Academic
An analysis of the maturity and strategic impact of investments in ERM Mark Beasley, Bruce Branson, Don Pagach Paper Academic
Information Conveyed in Hiring Announcements of Senior Executives Overseeing Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Processes Mark Beasley, Don Pagach, Richard Warr Paper Commercial
Enterprise Risk Management, Insurer Value Maximisation, and Market Frictions Shaun Yow and Michael Sherris Paper Academic
Quantitative Risk Management: Concepts, Techniques and Tools, Revised Edition Alexander J. McNeil, Rüdiger Frey & Paul Embrechts Book Commercial
Enterprise risk management: small business scorecard analysis Desheng Dash Wu & David L. Olso Paper Academic
ORSA 101 for Health Actuaries Daniel Perlman, Douglas Norris Article Commercial
Evolution Of Enterprise Risk Management Under Current Conditions Of Economic Development: From Fragmented To Integrated Kozak, Ludmila S; Danchuk, Maria V Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management Stephen P. D'Arcy, John C. Brogan Paper Academic
Issues with enterprise risk management buy-in: a South African government case study VM Pillay Paper Academic
Implementation of artificial intelligence into risk management decision-making processes in construction projects Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schwarz Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management and continuous re-alignment in the pursuit of accountability: A German case Matthäus Tekathen, Niels Dechow Paper Academic
Identifying risks in the realm of enterprise risk management Roberta Carroll Paper Academic
Extreme Events for Insurers: Correlation, Models and Mitigations Tom Edwalds Paper Academic
The Increasing Importance of Operational Risk in Enterprise Risk Management Russell Walker Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: A systems-thinking framework for the event identification phase Ed O'Donnell Paper Academic
Successful Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management in State Transportation Agencies Dr. David Rose, Dr. Keith R. Molenaar, Dr. Amy Javernick-Will, Dr. Matthew Hallowell, Christopher Senesi , Tim McGuire Paper Commercial
Cybersecurity & Cyber-Finance Risk Management: Strategies, Tactics, Operations, &, Intelligence: Enterprise Risk Management to Model Risk Management: Understanding Vulnerabilities, Threats, & Risk Mitigation (Presentation Slides) Yogesh Malhotra Slides Academic
Decision making in enterprise risk management: A review and introduction to special issue Desheng Wu, David L. Olson, Alexandre Dolgui Paper Academic