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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Corporate Culture and Financial Reporting Risk: Looking Through the Glassdoor Yuan Ji , Oded Rozenbaum, Kyle Welch Paper Academic
Asymmetric Information in Life Insurance: Differenence Between Whole Life And Term Life. Shinichi Yamamoto, Takau Yoneyama & W. Jean Kwon Paper Academic
Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in a Dynamic Model of Auto Insurance Przemyslaw Jeziorski, Elena Krasnokutskaya & Olivia Ceccarini Paper Academic
Identifying Moral Hazard in Car Insurance Contracts Sarit Weisburd Paper Academic
Moral Hazard in Health Insurance: What We Know and How We Know It Liran Einav and Amy Finkelsteiny Paper Academic
Managing liquidity risk in a volatile market - and improving returns EY Paper Commercial
Recommendations for Liquidity Risk Management for Collective Investment Schemes The Board of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions Paper
Liquidity Management in UK Life Insurance: A Discussion Paper P.O.J.Kelliher, D.L.Bartlett, M.Chaplin, K.Dowd & C.O'Brien Paper Academic
Extreme Downside Liquidity Risk Stefan Ruenzi, Michael Ungeheuer & Florian Weigerta Paper Academic
Investment Guarantees and Political Risk Insurance: Institutions, Incentives and Development Kathryn Gordon Paper Academic
Political Risk: Concepts, Definitions, Challenges Cecilia Emma Sottilotta Paper Academic
Managing Political Risk in Global Business: Beiersdorf 1914-1990 Geoffrey Jones & Christina Lubinski Paper Academic
Modeling Political Risk Insurance: Utility Maximization Perspective Chao-Chun Leng & Min-Ming Wen Paper Academic
Political Risk Reinsurance Pricing - A Capital Market Approach Athula Alwis, Vladimir Kremerman, Yakov Lantsman, Jason Harger & Junning Shi Paper Commercial
Political risk insurance and its effectiveness in supporting private sector investment in fragile states Hannah Mayer Paper Academic
Managing Political Risk - Controlling Loss, Finding Opportunity Peter Beardshaw, Ben Cattaneo & Rafael Gomes Article Commercial
Business, Governments and Political Risk in South Asia and Latin America since 1970 Geoffrey Jones & Rachael Comunale Paper Academic
Managing Political Risk - A Contextual Approach Martin Lindeberg & Staffan Mörndal Paper Academic
The Journey from Model Validation to Model Risk Management Philip Whittingham, Marc Taymans, Roel Van den Heuvel, Robert Mumford, Alistair Esson, Andrew Hitchcox, Bianca Hanscombe, David Innes, Elizabeth Cabrera, Michael Hosking, Peter Telford, Roger Dix Paper Academic
Enterprise risk management: An empirical analysis of factors associated with the extent of implementation Mark S. Beasley, Richard Clune, Dana R. Hermanson Paper Academic
The ethics of enterprise risk management as a key component of corporate governance Elena Demidenko and Patrick McNutt Paper Academic
An empirical analysis of the relation between the board of director composition and financial statement fraud. Mark S. Beasley Paper Academic
Legal Intermediaries: How Insurance Companies Construct the Meaning of Compliance with Antidiscrimination Laws Shauhin Talesh Paper Academic
An Empirical Investigation of the Characteristics of Firms Adopting Enterprise Risk Management Donald Pagach, Richard Warr Paper Academic
Risk Appetite Frameworks: Insights into Evolving Global Practices Michael Alix, Shyam Venkat, Zubin Mogul, Som-lok Leung, Marcia A. Banks, Juliane Saary-Littman Paper Commercial
Systems Thinking and its Implications in Enterprise Risk Management Lorraine S. Lee, Edmund Green Paper Academic
Integration of Risk Management into Strategic Planning: A New Comprehensive Approach Isabela Ribeiro Damaso Maia, George Montgomery Machado Chaves Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management: Factors Associated with Effective Implementation Werner D. Gottwald, Godson K. Mensah Paper Academic
Realizing ERM’s Potential: Driving Strategic Execution and Stock Value Growth Damon D Levine Paper Academic
Modelling firm resources –enterprise risk management relationships: An empirical finding using PLS-SEM Noraznira Abd Razak, Zuriah Ab Rahman, Halimahton Borhan Paper Commercial