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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Exploring Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance RIMS Article Academic
Managing conduct risk: Addressing drivers, restoring trust
Estimating interspecific economic risk of bird strikes with aircraft Travis L. DeVault, Bradley F. Blackwell, Thomas W. Seamans, Michael J. Begier, Jason D. Kougher, Jenny E. Washburn, Phyllis R. Miller, Richard A. Dolbeer Paper Academic
Conduct Risk
Managing Conduct in Wealth Management and Insurance Anthony Bice Slides Academic
Analysing and Measuring Risk Culture and Conduct Risk Neil Allan Slides Academic
Conduct Risk framework: Industry trends and challenges Alberto Rilo, Juan G. Cascales, Raúl García de Blas, Rafael Poza Article Commercial
Conduct Risk Management: The Journey Ahead Anindita De Paper Commercial
Turning Conduct Risk into a Competitive Opportunity Paper Commercial
Assembly of a conduct risk regulatory model for developing market banks Antje Hargarter, Gary van Vuuren Paper Academic
Continuous focus on interest rate risk: EBA finalizes IRRBB Guideline Dr. Heiko Carstens, Dr. Arvind Sarin, Tim Breitenstein, Dr. Till Benter Paper Commercial
The new normal Dr. Daniel Hohmann, Dr. Mario Hörig, Dr. Florian Ketterer, Karl Murray, Russell Ward Paper Commercial
The Financial Economics of Hedge Accounting of Interest Rate Risk according to IAS 39 Dr. Dirk Schubert Paper Commercial
Evaluating the solvency capital requirement of interest rate risk in Solvency II Rik H.A. van Beers, Wouter Elshof Paper Commercial
Low interest rates and the challenges for long-term Eurozone investors Paper Commercial
Conduct Risk – Lessons from UK Don Johnstone Slides Academic
Conduct risk: what is it and what is your role in managing it? Brandon Horwitz, David Morey Slides Academic
The ethics and conduct risk challenge for US banks Bjørn Pettersen, Rafael Gomes, Anne Godbold Paper Commercial
Conduct risk: Aligning product, customer and value Gillian Kelly, Shane Garahy Paper Commercial
Market Conduct Paper Commercial
Management information for conduct risk
Conduct risk and culture Jagdev Kenth Article Commercial
Getting the risk management basics right Marcus Bowser, Kirsty Leece, Liz Davis Paper Commercial
Conduct risk: Regulatory developments and best practices for UK life insurers Emma Hutchinson, Jennifer van der Ree Paper Commercial
A level playing field: Conduct risk in Europe Michael Culligan, Oliver Gillespie, Neil Cantle Paper Commercial
Ensuring Effective Mitigation of Conduct Risk Debapratim Dutta, Vijayaraghavan Venkatraman Paper Commercial
Global developments in conduct risk management Karl Murry, Eamonn Phelan Paper Commercial
Developments in conduct standards for financial services firms Karl Murry, Eamonn Phelan Paper Commercial
Conduct risk: towards a model for assessment and remediation Mary Daly, Tom Butler Article Academic
Mitigating agency risk between investors and ventures’ managers Cristiano Bellavitis, Dzidziso Samuel Kamuriwo, Ulrich Hommel Paper Academic