Thought Leadership Values

One of the aspects of the Society’s mission is to “serve the public interest by promoting thought leadership and contributing as an independent voice on matters where an actuarial perspective can add value”.

We have set out below the values that should guide any thought leadership or public interest work produced on behalf of the Society.


Proactive: the Society is proactive in engaging with, addressing and promoting issues of public interest where an actuarial or original perspective can add value.

Objectivity, impartiality and inclusion: the Society’s thought leadership and public interest work should be objective and should consider issues from the viewpoints of all relevant stakeholders, e.g. consumers, pension scheme members, financial service providers, sponsoring employers and trustees of pension scheme, regulators. Particular consideration should be given to societal inclusion and the valid interests of those members of society who are not adequately represented by existing industry and lobby groups.

Data / evidence-based: where feasible, the views expressed by the Society should be supported by appropriate data, evidence and analysis. This is the bedrock of the scientific approach.

Fairness: “fairness” can be a difficult concept, and there can be many different perspectives. That said, the Society should aim to highlight potential areas of unfairness or perceived unfairness when addressing issues of public interest.

Diversity of views: the Society seeks to explore the broad diversity of views held by its membership and consider whether ultimately there is broad consensus on the matter at issue or not. This permits better consideration of all sides of the issue, and promotes a more rounded final Society view or statement of options.

Sustainability: the Society should seek to speak independently about the implications of sustainability and climate change, where it can contribute to the public policy agenda and the public debate.

Professionalism / Ethics: the view of the Society should be communicated in an honest, respectful and professional manner.


3 May 2022