The Pensions Authority issues Consultation on trustee qualifications

In 2013, the Pensions Authority commenced the DC consultation process that set out the Authority’s views on the future of DC provision and sought responses to specific questions including minimum standards for trustee knowledge, understanding and behaviour.

In response to the submissions received as part of the DC consultation process and as part of the Pensions Authority’s overall proposals for DC reform, the Pensions Authority is now considering the issue of trustee qualifications. These considerations include the nature of any requirement for trustee qualifications, the interaction with any forthcoming developments in this area emanating from the IORPS II Directive and how such a qualification would be introduced in Ireland.

In addition, the Authority is considering topics which might be included in a potential curriculum leading to a trustee qualification.

Submissions are now being sought in relation to the issue of trustee qualifications. Please see the Pension Authority’s website for full details of the consultation including consultation document and submission form.

The closing date for submissions is Thursday, 1 October 2015.