Proposed changes to the Solvency II implementation date

On 16 May 2012, the European Commission published a proposed directive of the European Parliament and the Council in order to amend the deadline for the transposition and subsequent implementation of the Solvency II Framework Directive (Directive 2009/138/EC).
The proposed Directive says:

At the current stage, there is a risk that the proposed Omnibus II Directive will not be published and will not have entered into force before the deadline for transposition of Directive 2009/138/EC expires at 31 October 2012.

In order to avoid this situation and ensure the legal continuity of the current Solvency provisions (Solvency I) until the complete Solvency II-package is in place, it is proposed that the relevant transposition date in Directive 2009/138/EC is extended to 30 June 2013.

It is important to allow supervisors and (re)insurance undertakings some time to prepare for the application of Solvency II. It is therefore proposed to set the date for first application of Solvency II at 1 January 2014.