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Date Event Title Sort descending Speakers/Presenters Podcast
09 Mar 2010 A Holistic Framework for Life Cycle Financial Planning Josh Corrigan
15 Apr 2015 (Draft) AAE European Standard of Actuarial Practice (ESAP) on the Actuarial Function Report Francis Coll, FSAI
22 Apr 2010 A Bright Future for the Enterprising Actuary Ronnie Bowie, President, Faculty of Actuaries
10 Feb 2015 A half a century of Economics and Economic Policy in Ireland Professor John FitzGerald
07 Feb 2018 A New Approach to Drawdown for Group DC Pensions Colm Fagan
24 Sep 2014 A New Field for Actuaries - Assessing Psychological Capacity for Risk Taking and Risk Management Colm Fitzgerald, FSAI
30 Nov 2015 A Review of Retirement Income choices available from Irish DC pensions Alan Hardie FSAI, Shane O’Farrell FSAI, Tony Gilhawley FSAI.
15 Jun 2017 A Review of the First SFCRs Maaz Mushir (FSAI) and Carol Lynch
19 Feb 2019 Actuarial Careers & Hot Topics
05 Apr 2016 Actuarial Risk Matrices: The Nearest Valid Matrix Problem Dr Adrian O’Hagan BSc MSc PhD; lecturer in Statistics and Actuarial Science in the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics