Start time: 10.00 am

End time: 11.00 am


Webinar: Life Re Forum Innovation Series (Part 1): A Panel Discussion on the Ethical use of Data in Consumer Outcomes

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The insurance sector has always been data centric. In recent years the volume, types, speed and processing of data have all grown exponentially within the industry. Information has the power to advance both the sector and society as a whole by enabling insurers to gain a much deeper understanding of insurance risk, make protection more affordable and accessible and create greater consumer outcomes. However there is a now a greater responsibility placed upon insurers to ensure that the acquisition and analysis of data is done ethically and that safeguards are put in place to ensure it is not being misused.  

This professionalism event which is co-hosted with the Data Analytics Committee will explore this topic through a panel discussion. 

The panel will consist of:

  • Pedro Ecija Serrano, Head of Research And Development from Reitigh Software,
  • Jean Rea, Consulting Partner within KPMG Ireland,
  • Niall Mulvey, Head of L&H Corporate Actuarial at Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC

The event will be chaired by Thomas Moran from the Life Reinsurance & Life Innovation Committee


This webinar is Part 1 to the Life Re Forum Innovation Series. Part 2 and Part 3 can be found here:


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Panelists: Pedro Ecija Serrano, Reitigh Software, Jean Rea, KPMG Ireland and Niall Mulvey, Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC
Charing the webinar: Thomas Moran, Member Life Reinsurance & Life Innovation Committee