EIOPA Roundtable on Defined Contributions Pensions

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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions - EIOPA

Start time: 8.00 am

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Announcement from the EIOPA organiser:

Background information: In a European context, where pensions are progressively shifting from dominantly defined benefits (DB) towards mainly defined contributions (DC) products, the EIOPA Roundtable on DC Pensions aims to discuss important issues and good practice in pensions product design, supervision and member engagement. As the first of what is intended to become an annual event, the subject of this year’s Roundtable is focusing on building a comprehensive picture of DC developments in Europe, highlighting the issues of supervision, enrolment and reducing the gender gap in pensions.

Audience: The event is addressed to national competent authorities, as well as other stakeholder parties, such as the industry, academia and other European and international institutions.

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