Sustainability and Climate Change – what does it mean for risk management in Insurance and Pensions?

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AAE - Actuarial Association of Europe

Start Time: 9.00 am GMT

End Time: 11.00 am GMT


Announcement from the Actuarial Association of Europe organiser:

Sustainability and Climate Change are two focus areas for the AAE. For a fully coordinated approach between the Insurance, Pensions and Risk Committees to work on these topics the Sustainability and Climate Related Risks Working Group has been established mid-2021. In the today’s webinar we want to present first results of the Working Group and discuss with you how we could even better leverage on existing work of the three Committees.

To register for this webinar, please follow this link. Registration closes on 26 January 2022. Limited space available Please note that the maximum number of participants is 500. Register in time to make sure that your participation is guaranteed.

Cost: Participation is free of charge and open only to actuaries who are members of one of the AAE Member Associations.


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Malcolm Kemp (moderator), Tatiana Bitunska, Gábor Borza, Daphné de Leval, Gregorio Gil de Rozas, Frank Schiller
Biographical details

Malcolm Kemp (moderator), Chair of the AAE Risk Management Committee
Tatiana Bitunska, chairperson AAE Pensions Committee
Gábor Borza, vice-chairperson AAE Pensions Committee
Daphné de Leval, vice-chairperson AAE Insurance Committee
Gregorio Gil de Rozas, member AAE Pensions Committee
Frank Schiller, vice-chairperson Risk Management Committee, chairperson 
Sustainability and Climate Related Risks Working Group