IMI Masterclass: Quiet Leadership: Harness the Strengths of Introverts with Susan Cain

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Irish Management Institute (IMI)

Start time: 3.30 pm

End time: 5.00 pm


Announcement from the IMI organiser: One of the main challenges of any business is to bring out the best in its employees. When it comes to introverts, however, our leadership strategy often consists of asking them to act like extroverts. 

Given that introverted leaders often deliver better results than their extroverted counterparts, and with introverts making up between a third and a half of the workforce, how can we turn the tide and enable these leaders to flourish?
In this Masterclass session, Susan Cain will challenge your perspective about the best ways to develop leaders, manage teams, make great hires and stimulate innovation. Drawing on her original research and the latest thinking, she will explain why the ways introverts think and work are crucial to the survival of today's organisations.

By attending this Masterclass, you will gain key insights such as:

  • What introversion and extroversion are, and how they shape the way we interact, make decisions and lead.
  • What the unique strengths of introverted leaders are, and how to cultivate them.
  • How to conduct meetings and calls to unlock the best of the hearts and minds of your introverts, as well as your extroverts.
  • When and how to step outside your comfort zone, and when to honour your own unique strengths.

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Susan Cain
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Named one of the top ten influencers in the world by LinkedIn, Susan Cain is a renowned speaker and author of the award-winning books Quiet Power, Quiet Journal, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Translated into more than 40 languages, Quiet has appeared on many 'best of' lists, spent more than seven years on the New York Times bestseller list, and was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company. Her newest book, Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, is forthcoming.

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