Why actuaries should consider also macroprudential framework

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Web Session
Actuarial Association of Europe (AAE)

Start time: 10.00 am (IST)

End time: 12.00 pm (IST)


Announcements from the Actuarial Association of Europe organiser: We have a good and efficient micro-prudential framework in Europe what has secured well the end consumers depending on insurance services and also provided very stable results for various stakeholders. Recently, there has been a growing discussion of the need for a macro-prudential framework with a set of different tools, the current pandemic and its implications as the latest driver for this. This webinar aims on building an understanding for the participants on what a Marco-prudential framework is all about in a general level but also diving more deeply to the specific suggestions, tools and the practical questions there. We recommend this webinar for all our members who need to understand the basics of this new framework and the important topics in it!

Costs: Participation is free of charge and open only to actuaries who are members of one of the AAE Member Associations.

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  • Moderator’s welcome and introduction
  • The general idea of macro prudential framework and systemic risk - Malcolm Kemp
  • EIOPA’s approach to macroprudential policy in insurance - Juan Zschiesche. Juan will explain how EIOPA sees the issue of macroprudential policy applied to the insurance sector, focusing in particular, on the proposal included as part of EIOPA’s 2020 review of Solvency II.
  • Practical questions around macroprudential framework - Esko Kivisaari
  • Q&A
Lauri Saraste, Malcolm Kemp, Juan Zschiesche and Esko Kivisaari
Biographical details

Moderator: Lauri Saraste, Chair of the AAE Insurance Committee

Malcolm Kemp, Chair of the AAE Risk Management Committee

Juan Zschiesche, EIOPA, crisis prevention team leader

Esko Kivisaari, Chair of the AAE Advisory Panel