How to be More Efficient in Technical Pricing in P&C Insurance

Event Type
Web Session
EAA, European Actuarial Academy

Start time: 9.00 am

End time: 11.00 am


Announcements from the European Actuarial Academy organiser: Technical Pricing of P&C Insurance is a complex thing – both technically and organizationally in the company. Most actuaries have a lot of good ideas to innovate their models, processes – their company. But they normally just lack the time or the resources to do so.

This EAA web session is aiming to addresses this issue: Helping pricing actuaries to gain more efficiency in technical pricing in order to have more resources available for innovation.

The web session is designed predominantly for Pricing Actuaries in P&C Insurance – covering both private and light commercial lines.

We would like to share our view with you how technical pricing can be done in a more efficient way – without sacrificing accuracy.

We will be sharing some benchmarks on where Pricing Actuaries think that there is room for efficiency gains – and where they would like to innovate. Core part of the session will be sharing levers to gain more efficiency in technical pricing, including e.g.

  • How changes in data are efficiently handled in models
  • Autofitting GLMs in order to save time in the modelling process
  • Reduction of runtime with the use of cloud for technical pricing
  • (Partly) automated documentation of technical pricing
  • Efficient governance

Besides the conceptual design of those levers for efficiency gains, we will also be including brief illustrations of some of those ways to increase efficiency to make the presentation tangible.

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Technical Requirements: Please check with your IT department if your firewall and computer settings support web session participation (the programme Zoom is used for this online training).

  • Introduction
  • Where to improve? That´s what the benchmark says
  • Levers for efficiency gains in technical pricing
  • Summary


Frank Schönfelder and Marco Banterle
Biographical details

Frank Schönfelder
Frank has studied Actuarial Science and is full member of the German Actuarial Association (DAV). He is a member of the DAV working group “P&C Pricing” and leads KPMG’s EMEA working Group on Pricing P&C Insurance. Frank has a background of 12 years as Actuarial Consultant to the P&C Insurance industry. He is working as a Director in the Actuarial Consulting Practise of KPMG.

Marco Banterle
Marco studied Applied Mathematics and Statistics before earning his PhD in Computational Methods and Bayesian Statistics in Paris. He later worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the UK for 4 years, specialising in Epidemiology and dynamic models and he’s now working in the Data Science team at Akur8 in their Parisian office.