IMI Webinar: Mini-Masterclass: Empowering your people through purpose driven leadership l Registration now open

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Web Session
Irish Management Institute

Start time: 9.30 am

End time: 11.00 am


Announcements from the Irish Management Institute (Organiser): 

How can you as a leader inspire and empower your people to cultivate a purpose driven and outcomes-oriented culture? In the first Mini-Masterclass of 2021, IMI Associate Faculty, Dr. Kerrie Fleming, will demonstrate how such a purpose-led focus can drive real and transformative change in your organisation and promote connection to the wider ecosystem of your clients, suppliers, society and the environment.  

Step back and take this short session as an opportunity to:

  • Understand your purpose and recognise how it can link with the organisational purpose and relate to organisational success;
  • Reframe how you perceive your team and understand how, through purpose, you can engage and promote resilience;
  • Reflect on how your organisation can contribute to positive societal change through self and social awareness.

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Dr. Kerrie Fleming
Biographical details

Dr. Kerrie Fleming is the Managing Partner of ELEOS, a leadership development organisation which uses an emotionally intelligent means to make transformative change in organisations.  She is faculty at IMI and is an Associate Dean at Ashridge Executive Education and has worked with Fortune 500 companies, UK and international governments, indigenous and international organisations.