IMI Webinar: A Roadmap for Resilient Leaders with Eibhlin Johnston

Event Type
Web Session
Irish Management Institute

Start time: 12.00 pm

End time: 1.00 pm


Announcements from the Irish Management Institute organiser: Organisations today need to be adaptive, predictive and resilient. So do their leaders. Today’s leaders need to create an organisation that can perform sustainably at pace, no matter what the external pressures. To achieve this, they need to develop and build up their own resilience and that of their team’s.

In our first Webinar session of 2021, Eibhlin will demonstrate a new method of resiliency and cover:

  • a deeper understanding of the latest findings on resilience;
  • an ability to disrupt your current level of thinking, thereby reducing stress levels for yourselves and your teams;
  • an understanding of the ‘Busy Mind’ with clear outcomes around productivity;
  • a roadmap for resiliency which you can use within your organisation.

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Eibhlin Johnston
Biographical details

Eibhlin Johnston is an author, speaker, transformational executive coach and trainer. After almost 30 years in Financial Services, Eibhlin established ‘The Resilience Hub’ to provide training and coaching services for the resilient leader and delivers training on a range of topics; including her proprietary ‘Busy Mind’ programme, communication and strategic change initiatives.