Online course: Economics of the Property Market

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Online course
Trinty College Dublin

Start time: Monday 19th, October 2020


Announcements from the Trinty College event organiser: The course aims to give a thorough understanding of both the dynamics of the property market, and public policy solutions to the current issues facing the property market.

This four week online course will equip you with basic tools to apply economic analysis in the property market. Core concepts, such as shifts in demand and supply, opportunity cost, and general equilibrium effects, will be explored and applied to your practice.

  • Session 1: Understanding Markets
  • Session 2: Demand for Property
  • Session 3: Supply of Property
  • Session 4: Public Policy & the Property Market

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Outline the basics of supply and demand analysis, and understand different mechanisms, including markets, that can be used to allocating resources.
  • Describe housing demand and its main components, at both an aggregate and an individual level, including the labour market, credit and amenities.
  • Describe housing supply, the importance of how it responds to demand, and its main determinants, including construction and land.
  • Explain the main ways in which housing policy affects housing market outcomes, including mortgage rules, construction sector efficiency, housing subsidies and land use.

Click here for full course details: of the Society can avail of a discounted rate. Please contact to avail of the discount, stating that you are a member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

Registration is now open for the next intake, which will commence on Monday October 19th. Registration will close on Monday the 5th October. 

Ronan Lyons will be teaching this course
Biographical details

Ronan Lyons is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin, where his research focuses on property markets, in particular long-run housing markets and sustainable real estate. His doctorate at Oxford was on Ireland’s Celtic Tiger housing market bubble. Previously, Ronan worked as an economist for IBM and for Ireland’s National Competitiveness Council. He is a frequent contributor to national and international media on Irish housing and the broader economy and he is also the author of the quarterly Reports on the Irish housing market.