IMI Series Event, week 5: Innovation in a Crisis

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Blog, infographic, Podcast or video

Please disregard the time and date above - there is no set time for these podcast, blog, video and infographics.


IMI’s mission and passion is to equip leaders to build the future.

They are launching a new content series which will deliver insights and inspiration to you digitally. 

They will focus on a theme every week and deliver insights through a podcast, blog, video or infographic that will help to boost your mental energy and disconnect from what is happening in the world for a short time.

Full content schedule here.

They also have a 'Lunchtime Listen' podcast series every week, that will get you out into the sunshine and exercise your body and mind.

If you are registering for the first time with the IMI, please use your work email and enter ‘Society of Actuaries in Ireland’ as your employer.


Week Five: Launching on the 20th April 2020

Podcast: Agile Innovation 

A podcast on discusses the biggest blockers of agility and innovation in an organisation, how an individual can become more agile, and how you can draw out innovation from the frontlines to keep delivering for your customers.

Listen here

Infographic: Innovation In A Crisis

Infographic with best practice techniques on how to innovate during a crisis, and how to leverage learnings from a crisis into new and future innovations.

Not available yet

Lunchtime Listen: Exponential Organisations

Yuri van Geest, international thought leader explores why some organisations are able to grow exponentially and the fundamentally new ways corporations are organised to deal with disruption, exponential technologies and accelerated change through transformational leadership.

Listen here

Long Read: Enabling Innovation, Sustaining Innovation

A long-read exploration of how leaders can kick-start, implement, and sustain a culture of innovation within their organisation. 

Download here