POSTPONED: (I)NED Professionalism Training

Event Type
CPD Event
Members Only Event
You must be a member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland to attend this event.

Tea/coffee and light breakfast: 10.15 am

Training: 10.30 am - 12.30 pm


We are currently developing a professionalism event aimed at (I)NEDs. This event will be quite different to our other Professionalism CPD Events.  It will focus on a particular area of interest to (I)NEDs and it will be provided by a specialist in that area.  This event is also suitable for people who are actively preparing to take on (I)NED roles.

As Members should know, there is a requirement that they complete two hours of Professionalism Training each year (unless they are in Category 3 for the full scheme year). Unlike ordinary CPD which may, under some circumstances, receive some pro-rata reduction, the two hours requirement is not normally ratioed down.

Seminar Aims:

  • that attendees understand the nature, value, and limitations of trust;
  • to equip attendees with tools to assess where and when to place and withhold trust;
  • to enable the identification of what kind of trustworthiness is needed as a leader/director;
  • to equip attendees to cultivate warranted trust within key partner relationships: i.e. from the board, the organisation, its stakeholders and the public;
  • to give members of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland confidence and clarity over what, by way of trustworthiness; and
  • integrity and responsible decision making is required of them as leaders/directors.



In this single 2 hour session, attendees will be introduced to diagnostic tools centred on key features of the concept of trust, so as to enhance their effectiveness in:

  1. strategic use of inquiry and challenge;
  2. managing personal and organisational risk;
  3. safeguarding their integrity and reputation; and
  4. appropriate influence and leadership within and outside the organisation.
Dr Jamie Dow and Dr Sean Sinclair from the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre of the University of Leeds.
Cost (members)

Professionalism Training: This event includes Professionalism Training.