Advanced Non-Life Pricing & Profitability Analysis: Machine Learning Techniques with R Applications

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4th & 5th November 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

Do you want to get familiar with some advanced actuarial/statistical techniques used in non-life pricing, competition analysis and profitability analysis?

Do you want to learn more about some practical problems faced by pricing actuaries and product managers?

Do you want to develop essential skills in new techniques used in non-life pricing in order to open new perspectives for product development (competition analysis, profitability analysis,…)?

If yes, our seminar "Advanced Non-Life Pricing & Profitability: Machine Learning Techniques with R Applications" which is organised in co-operation with the Svenska Aktuarieföreningen on 4/5 November 2019 in Stockholm, is perfect for you.

The seminar will alternate between methodological concepts, practical examples and case studies in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the techniques presented.
The case studies will be performed by the participants with the R software.
The participants will have a free access to 4 e-learning modules (of around 30 minutes each) presenting the basics of machine learning. This access will be granted up to the end of the seminar on request. It is not mandatory to watch these e-learning modules before the training but it could improve your learning experience.

The early-bird registration fee is € 840.00 plus 25% VAT and valid until 4 September 2019. After this date the fee will be € 990.00 plus 25% VAT.

You may find all additional information in this print version as well as on our website where you will find the registration form. An overview on other upcoming events can be downloaded as well.