CRO Circle

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CPD Event
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You must be a member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland to attend this event.

4.00pm - 4.30pm: Tea/Coffee

4.30pm - 6.00pm: Meeting

The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2

Following the inaugural CRO Circle held in November 2018, we are delighted to announce the 2nd meeting of the CRO circle.

At the first meeting, we had a robust discussion in each of the following areas:

  1. Elements of good risk culture and what different organisations do to measure and monitor risk culture;
  2. How companies assess their Own Solvency Needs including what areas of the Standard Formula are typically reviewed in this context and approaches taken in the review. 
  3. Summary of discussions and events at a recent AAE CRO Forum.

The CRO Circle was established by the Society’s ERM Committee to create a forum for Chief Risk Officers to discuss and share knowledge of common interest in a supportive and confidential environment. The Circle aims to be an open, informal and discursive forum, organised on a “round table” basis. The Circle’s terms of reference are available here.

The second meeting of the CRO Circle will take place on Thursday, 28th February at 4.30pm until 6pm in the Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2. 

At this meeting, the following topics will be raised for discussion:

  1. Outsourcing risk including consideration of the recent paper from the CBI,
  2. Diversity of staff required within a risk function; and
  3. The value (or otherwise) of operational risk models

Members will be free to continue informal networking over a drink afterwards.

Who should attend?

Any members of the Society who are currently filling a PCF role as a CRO in an insurer/reinsurer are welcome to join the Circle.