Understanding IFRS 17

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EAA - European Actuarial Academy GmbH

29th & 30th April 2019

Zagreb, Croatia

Do you want to understand the new IFRS 17 standard and would you like to be able to transfer the requirements into your specific situation?

If yes, our seminar "Understanding IFRS 17" is perfect for you.
Due to the major importance of this topic the seminar will take place on 29/30 April 2019 in Zagreb (organised in cooperation with the Hrvatsko Aktuarsko Drustvo

The goal of the two-day seminar is to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the new measurement, presentation and disclosure guidance for insurance contracts. It will cover life, health and non-life business, including the special guidance on direct participating contracts and shorter term non-life contracts and give useful examples.

In the seminar, we will first shed a light on the context of accounting for insurance contracts within the IFRS 17 framework. We will present and discuss the general concepts behind the new model and refer to the application of valuation models like the Variable Fee Approach (VFA) and the Premium Allocation Approach (PAA). The seminar will proceed with a discussion of topics specific to individual lines of business (highlighting topics still under discussion by the TRG and EFRAG), and summarize potential approaches and solutions. It will close with an overview over technical implementation approaches seen in various European markets.

The early-bird registration fee is € 840.00 plus VAT and valid until 28 February 2019.

After this date the fee will be € 990.00 plus VAT.

You may find all additional information for our seminar in Zagreb in this print version as well as on our website where you will find the registration forms.

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