Stochastic Modeling – Theory and Reality from an Actuarial Perspective

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EAA - European Actuarial Academy GmbH

3 Day Event

Copenhagen, Denmark

Because of the continuing importance of the topic, the EAA will again offer the very successful and well evaluated seminar based on the book "Stochastic Modeling – Theory and Reality from an Actuarial Perspective" (© 2010 International Actuarial Association) from 8-10 May 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  This seminar is organised in cooperation with the International Actuarial Association (IAA) and the Den Danske Aktuarforening.

The seminar intends to provide actuaries with a comprehensive resource that details current stochastic methods, provides background on the stochastic technique as well as their advantages and disadvantages. The key speakers are primary authors who contributed to Life and Non-Life sections of the book, and the seminar will cover a wide range of topics presented in this monograph, published by the IAA. In addition, all participants will receive a copy of the book “Stochastic Modeling: Theory and Reality from an Actuarial Perspective” with a value of CAD 125.00.

The seminar will cover a wide range of topics presented in the book “Stochastic Modeling – Theory and Reality from an Actuarial Perspective”. The first day of the seminar will focus on risk management and actuarial modeling issues. The second day (and the morning of the third day) of the seminar will be split into two separate sessions, one that will focus on life actuarial issues and the other will focus on non-life actuarial issues. The third day will continue the separate life and non-life sessions in the first session. In the second session, there will again be a joint session to discuss a concluding case study focusing on senior management perspective.

The early-bird registration fee is € 940.00 plus 25% VAT until 8 March 2019. Register now and benefit from this attractive offer! After this date the fee will be € 1090.00 plus 25% VAT.

You may find all additional information in this print version as well as on this website where you will find the registration form.

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