LIA’s Pension Trustee Practitioner course – leading to the PTP designation

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Life Insurance Association Ireland CLG (LIA)

January, May & September 2019 - see description

See description

You’ll be aware that Regulations are expected to be issued shortly in Q1 2019 to implement the IORPS II Directive. A key aspect of the implementation of IORPS II will be the requirements for pension scheme trustees collectively to have qualifications, knowledge and experience adequate to enable them to ensure sound and prudent management of the scheme.


The Pensions Authority in their Pensions Reform Consultation of July 2016 proposed:

  • to introduce an enhanced minimum trustee qualification that will apply to a trustee board on a collective basis;
  • that a trustee board should consist of a minimum of two trustees, where at least one trustee would have the proposed mandatory qualification and another trustee would have a prescribed amount of experience acting as a trustee; and
  • ALL trustees, including those who do not hold a trustee qualification, will be subject to a minimum number of CPD hours per annum.

The PTP Course

LIA’s DC scheme trustee course, launched in 2016, leads to the Pension Trustee Practitioner (PTP) designation and is at Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications, the level proposed by the Pensions Authority in their Consultation of July 2016. The course is designed to meet the needs of trustees of DC Occupational Pension Schemes or Trust RACs, as well as Pensioneer Trustees. Successful students can apply for the LIA Pension Trustee Practitioner designation or, PTP for short.


The 2 modules are called DC Pension Scheme Trustee Principles and Practices.


Course Aims

With the PTP designation one will be better equipped to:

  • understand the principles of trust law
  • comply with the legal and regulatory obligations as a trustee of a defined contribution occupational pension scheme or Trust RAC
  • understand the roles of key parties in DC arrangements and the impact of regulatory provisions on their activities
  • ensure that the general administration and management of the scheme is effectively carried out
  • effectively deal with professional advisers in relation to appropriate investment strategies and options to be offered to members of the scheme
  • ensure the application of good governance of the scheme

Course delivery & supports

Delivered through blended learning LIA’s PTP course combines the best of taught and on-line learning - through comprehensive textbooks, live lectures and “lectures on demand” (webinars).

LIA’s Study Buddy and Exam Buddy will also be provided, containing study and exam tips, along with a sample paper and solutions. Being able to complete one’s studies at a distance, from the comfort of home or office, provides flexibility and control to all students – regardless of one’s location.


Registration & Exams

The registration cost is €465 per module (including all study resources and exam fees). Examinations are by multiple choice and are held in seven venues nationwide across LIA’s 3 exam sittings annually (in January, May & September). LIA is currently accepting registrations for its May exams – note registrations will close on 22nd February next. For up-to-date exam schedules and enrolment dates visit


Module details

  1. Module 1 - DC Pension Scheme Trustee Principles

This module brings together the key competencies / topics from the two QFA modules relevant to those acting in a Trustee role (Pensions & Investments). Holders of the QFA designation, Associates and Fellows of the SAI and Members, Associates and Fellows of the IIPM are exempt from sitting this module. Examinations will be by multiple choice – 75 questions to be completed in 90 minutes


  1. Module 2 - DC Pension Scheme Trustee Practices

The topics covered in this module include Legal Obligations, Receipt and Investment of Contributions, Disclosure of Information obligations, Outsourcing, Key Functions, Preserved benefits, Equal Pension Treatment, administering Pension Adjustment Orders, Payment of Benefits, and Governance. Examinations will be by multiple choice – 100 questions to be completed in 120 minutes.

LIA encourages DC Scheme Trustees, and Advisers to such Trustees, to sit its Trustee exams and join the community of PTPs – currently over 300 and rising.


You can register for LIA’s PTP course by contacting Eva Lavin at OR online at Note: registrations close on 22nd February next. LIA’s next available exam sitting after that is in September and registrations can be made now for this sitting also.