IORP II: Process, Content and Outlook

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EAA - European Actuarial Academy GmbH

NOTE: Webinar is on Central European Time (CET)

Start - 10.00 - End - 12.00 CET


The revised IORP Directive is often referred to as IORP II. IORP stands for Institution for Occupational Retirement Provision, or in other words pension funds. IORP II came into force on 12 January 2017. The EU member states are required to have transposed the Articles of the Directive into their national legislation by 13 January 2019. The IORP II Directive contains 67 articles, whereas its predecessor had only 24 articles. Serious requirements have been added. Many of those are very important for actuaries working on pensions, pension funds and pension insurance.

Would you like to gain a comprehensive overview on IORP II, the process and the actual content?

If so, you are invited to join this webinar "IORP II: Process, Content and Outlook" on 27 March 2019 | 10:00 - 12:00 CET. The registration fee for the webinar is € 100.00, plus 19 % VAT only.

The topics of the webinar will be:

  • Process of the revision of the European IORP Directive including the involvement of the European actuarial profession
  • The content of the changes of the IORP Directive and what new challenges they give to actuaries working on pensions, pension funds and pension insuranc
  • Providing an outlook of what might happen next. Certain is that there will be a second European stress test for IORPs in 2019. Some important additions such as a cash flow analysis and an assessment of the carbon footprint as part of an environmental risk assessment will be featured.

You may find all additional information in this print version as well as on this website where you will find the registration form. An overview on other upcoming events can be downloaded as well.