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The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)
Congress Center Messe Frankfurt


Pensions – What Shall We Change so that Nothing Changes?

Many of today’s older Europeans can look forward to generous pensions paid for many decades. But an ageing population, low growth and constraints on public expenditure make the prospects for tomorrow’s pensioners uncertain. What should we change now to meet these challenges?

Insurance Regulation – The Way Ahead

At its inception, Solvency II showed the way ahead for the new insurance regulatory landscape. The project would ensure high level standards for consumer protection but also mirrored benefits for the industry in Europe and globally.
Today, the project is facing its biggest challenge: reality. Which options will ensure the long-term sustainability of the business in highly volatile markets? Regulators, industry, consumers and practitioners are invited to present their views on how to ensure the success of the regulatory overhaul.

Financial Stability – Are Insurers Actors or Victims?

In the wake of the financial crisis, insurers find themselves in the middle of the regulatory limelight amid discussions on systemic importance and shadow banking. At the same time, the sector is struggling with declining asset values and exceptionally low interest rates. Are insurers victims of a banking-originated crisis, or actors in a global financial shake-up?

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Gabriel Bernardino; Chairperson, EIOPA, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Dr. Thomas Steffen; State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin, Germany