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Report from SAI Practising Certificates Working Party

The Society’s Practising Certificates Working Party was established by Council to consider:

  • The current role of the Society’s practising certificates within the relevant regulatory frameworks and whether the Society’s arrangements support that role effectively;
  • What the role of practising certificates, in their current or another form, might be in the future, particularly in the insurance/reinsurance area (in light of Solvency II), and the implications for the profession; and
  • Whether there is a need to support the practising certificates scheme with more extensive quality assurance processes than are in place at present.

The Working Party will present their conclusions and recommendations (see attached report) and would welcome feedback from members. 


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Evening Meeting
Presenter: Pat Healy, Chairman of the Practising Certificates Working Party; Panel: Pat will be joined by Ger Bradley and Michael Madden, members of the Working Party.