The Future European Actuary

Event Type
European Congress of Actuaries
The Groupe Consultatif

2 day event - 7th and 8th June 2012

Radisson Blu Hotel, Rue du Fosse-aux-Loups 47 B-1000 Brussels

The Groupe Consultatif's first European Congress of Actuaries - ECA 2012 - will take place in Brussels on 7/8 June 2012. The theme is The Future European Actuary. This Congress aims to attract actuaries working in industry, consulting and academia, as well as other financial professionals, politicians and others interested in the future of risk management in Europe. The programme will include speakers from the European Parliament and Commission, supervisory authorities, rating agencies, and other fields. The format offers a number of parallel sessions, with presentations, discussion groups and keynote speakers. For further details and registration, visit the dedicated Congress web site at

Speakers and format
Speakers include leading experts from the actuarial profession, as well as officials from the EU institutions, EIOPA, influential figures from industry, and national regulatory authorities.
The format of the Congress will have three parallel streams (Solvency, Enterprise Risk Management and the Role of actuaries), plenary sessions and smaller discussion groups on current and emerging issues.
The parallel stream on Solvency will look at the European actuarial world which is significantly affected as a consequence of the Solvency II Directive for insurers. 
The parallel stream on Enterprise Risk Management is considered an exciting and important emerging working area for actuaries, since their technical skills have added value not only within the field of the financial industry, but  in the so-called "wider fields" as well.
The parallel stream on the Role of the Actuary will look at whether the number of actuaries, although increasing, can meet the strong demand expected with the implementation of Solvency II for insurers, IFRS4  Phase II and the development of solvency rules for pension funds.

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