Conflicts of interest for Pension Scheme Actuaries

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Evening Meeting

Evening Meeting


Conflicts of Interests are not new for the actuary but dealing with them appropriately has become more important than ever. This joint presentation will cover latest legal and actuarial ideas on handling Conflicts of Interests including lessons from Morris, the recent experience of the Institute of Actuaries in the UK, the work of the Society of Actuaries on Conflicts of Interests and the Case Law in this area. 

The presentation will also give some insight into how solicitors deal with Conflicts of Interests and the practical steps the pensions actuary can take to deal with Conflicts of Interest as they present themselves in his or her everyday work. Are there any situations that pensions actuaries need to be particularly worried about? 

The direction of future actuarial guidance on this matter will also be covered in this presentation as well as support structures necessary to aid actuaries in dealing with Conflicts. Patrick and Philip’s presentation will be followed by a questions and answers session.

Patrick Needham, Philip Smith
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