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ERM Resource Implementation of artificial intelligence into risk management decision-making processes in construction projects Artificial Neuronal Networks (ANNs)Monte Carlp Simulation(MCS)No specific riskRisk ManagementTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Integrating Balanced Scorecard and Enterprise Risk Management in Banking Balanced Scorecard and BankNo specific riskrisk managementRisk ManagementTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Enterprise risk management: a DEA VaR approach in vendor selection data envelopment analysis (DEA)Enterprise Risk ManagementNo specific riskRisk Managementsupply chainsTools and TechniquesValue-at-Risk (VaR)vendor selection
ERM Resource Methods and models in process safety and risk management: Past, present and future Accident modelDynamic riskHazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)Inherent safetyOperational RiskProcess safetyRisk assessmentRisk ManagementSafety managementStructured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT)Tools and Techniques
ERM Resource A simpler way to assess risks? likelihood and impact of risksNo specific riskRisk Managementrisk scoresTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Risk Aggregation for Capital Requirements Using the Copula Technique Copula techniqueCorrelation matrixMCCSR approachNo specific riskrisk aggregationRisk ManagementTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Start-up managers need to consider vendor management Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)No specific riskRisk ManagementTools and Techniquesvendor management
ERM Resource Total Exposure Management: Enterprise Risk Management, Organizational Resilience and Change Management BCMChange ManagementDRREnterprise-wide risk managementERMERM and Risk Management FrameworkNo specific riskorganizational resilienceRisk assessmentRisk Managementrisk management as competitive advantageTools and Techniquestotal exposure management
ERM Resource A fuzzy synthetic evaluation approach for risk assessment: a case of Singapore's green projects Fuzzy synthetic evaluationGreen projectsNo specific riskRisk assessmentRisk ManagementSingaporeTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Enterprise Risk Management Analysis- Case Study Of A Petrochemical Company In Qatar Case studyEnterprise Risk ManagementERM risk modelhow to manage risksmanagement riskNo specific riskRisk AppetiteRisk Capacity and Risk Objectivesrisk managementRisk ManagementTools and Techniques
ERM Resource ERM at the Speed of Thought: Mitigation of Cognitive Bias in Risk Assessment Behavioural Riskcognitive biasEnterprise Risk Management (ERM)Risk ManagementTools and Techniques
ERM Resource An ERM Maturity Model Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)ERM indexERM maturityNo specific riskRisk ManagementTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Decision making in enterprise risk management: A review and introduction to special issue data miningEnterprise Risk ManagementFinancial riskNo specific riskRisk ManagementSupply chainTools and Techniques
ERM Resource Enterprise risk management: small business scorecard analysis creditEnterprise Risk ManagementNo specific riskoperationsRisk Managementsmall business scorecard (SBS)statisticsTools and Techniques