Accessing IMI Knowledge Centre

How to Register for Access to the Online Content of the IMI Knowledge Centre:

To access the library for the first time, members simply need to register for access with the IMI using this link:


  • Fill in the form, making sure to state your ‘Company Name’ as 'Society of Actuaries in Ireland'.
  • Use your company email address in order to be approved as a staff member of a Corporate Member of the IMI.
  • Please allow 48 hours to receive your login details.
  • If you do not receive your credentials after 5 working days email and your username will be resent to you.
  • Returning users will be prompted to sign in when accessing the resources.

Using the IMI Knowledge Centre Main Catalogue:

  • You can search the main Library catalogue via the search bar on the main Library website or you can access individual resources, which are the little icons on the main page.
  • You can search the main Library catalogue using the keyword of your choice.
  • A title search will usually give you an immediate result. You will then have the option to further refine your results, e.g. type of content, print or online material.
  • Identify the item that you wish to view/take out on loan in your search results.
  • Click on this item to bring up it’s information; the record will indicate where in the library the book/article is via a call number and the availability of the book.
  • If you cannot physically attend the Library, as a Member, you can request for a book to be posted out to you.
  • Remember you can always ask a Librarian for help in locating the appropriate book or information.

Using the IMI Knowledge Centre Toolkits:

  • Of the online resources, the most popular with Members are the Leaders’ Toolkit and HR Toolkit. These toolkits provide practical and bite-sized learning in a variety of media. Simply click on the icon on the main library homepage for the applicable toolkit to access. These can be found by clicking on the icons on the main page titled 'Leader's toolkit' and 'HR toolkit'.
  • There is a different focus in each toolkit, review and choose the best one for your requirements.
  • Each toolkit provides curated content under specific common themes for quick access.
  • You can also retrieve your own search results using your own keyword/search term.
  • You can then further narrow your search results using the handy ‘Refine By’ tool (for example, type of content, related keywords). By clicking on the individual topic listed under these themes, you will retrieve a fully comprehensive search result for that topic.

Access to the Thought Leadership Webinar Series

All SAI Fellow members have access to the entire IMI Webinar series. These webinars run throughout the year and cover a range of trends and topics.


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