A Brief History of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland

The Society of Actuaries in Ireland was founded at a meeting in the Russell Hotel, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin on Wednesday, 3rd May 1972. At that time there were seventeen actuaries, all Fellows of the Institute of Actuaries or of the Faculty of Actuaries, resident in Ireland.

The aim of the Society when it was founded was to provide a forum for actuaries in Ireland to discuss matters of professional interest and to promote the actuarial profession in Ireland. As the profession grew in size, the scope of the Society's activities widened considerably. In response to this, the Society was formally incorporated in 1988.

In 1993, the Society took on full responsibility for the professional conduct of actuaries in Ireland. It then issued its Memorandum on Professional Conduct and Practice, the Rules of its Disciplinary Scheme and Actuarial Standards of Practice covering a wide range of areas. The Memorandum on Professional Conduct and Practice was subsequently replaced by the Professional Conduct Standards and later the Code of Professional Conduct. For more information please see "Standards & Regulation".

An agreement between the member associations of the Actuarial Association of Europe (an organisation that comprises of actuarial associations throughout Europe) was signed by the Society in 1987. This extends mutual recognition to each other's actuarial qualifications, and EU actuaries who wish to pursue an actuarial profession in Ireland can, under the terms of the agreement, apply for admission as a Fellow of the Society. The Society also has mutual recognition agreements with the Actuaries Institute in Australia, the US Society of Actuaries, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and Actuarial Society of South Africa.  For more information please see "Kindred Actuarial Organisations".

Today, the Society has grown to over 1100 Fellows resident in Ireland. In addition, there are approximately 120 Fellows who are non-resident but have business connections in Ireland. The Society has approximately 30 Associates and 30 Affiliates, as well as 10 Honorary Fellows. There are over 600 Students in the Society.

If you would like a more detailed history of the Society, contact us at info@actuaries.ie.